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I'm Daniel, an industrial product designer, digital artist and web developer based in Amsterdam. I started Studio Ruff in 2015 to offer design and development services in the fields I master.

As a believer in the power of beautiful and sustainable design, I'm a curious and keen explorer of the creative world - from digital design, industrial design, contemporary art, photography, architecture, and film.

I am addicted to aesthetics. From simplicity to parametric, I focus on absorbing it all as inspiration that pushes me to learn. After 6 years of working as an industrial designer in various fields, I took the decision to pursuit the arts of digital products and interfaces.

I'm a strong follower of humane technology, and I will pursuit the path to assist the cause - as an individual who desires to create and co-operate.

Web Development

A collection of my favorite WebDev work, big things coming up!

Product Design

Highlights of my Product Design projects over the years.


A collection of my original product design work.


I've had the opportunity to create amazing products with various brands over the years. How can I help you?